the Table d’Hôtes Perle d’Eau: a family Moroccan cuisine at the heart of a traditional riad and moroccan cooking workshop

The Moroccan Restaurant

the Table d’ Hôtes Perle d’Eau: a family Moroccan cuisine at the heart of a traditional and friendly riad.

Moroccan cuisine, a social opportunity for sharing out with friends

Morocco is synonym of hospitality and generosity from people who are open to others; there is a strong tradition of sharing food with guests. The Riad Perle d’Eau carries on the tradition of Moroccan hospitality down to its table by offering its guests a family and friendly Moroccan cuisine.

The Table d’Hôtes Perle d’Eau Essaouira

The Table d’Hôtes Perle d’Eau is much more than just a Moroccan restaurant: it is a time when old time friends or occasional friends are gathered around a single wish: to share the joy of a simple authentic meal. Kabira, our house cook, will make her guests discover a delicious and simple cuisine prepared according to her fancy and to what is available at the market. Nothing is really “à la carte” but everything is possible as long as fresh essential products can be found. Couscous, pastilla, tagine, traditional salads or naughty pastries are all specialities of Moroccan cuisine that will be served on the dining room big table. Check the Table d’Hôtes at the Riad Perle d’Eau and enjoy a truly welcome change of cuisine! Discover some of the secrets of this new friendly cuisine!

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