Situated only a few minutes away from Mogador Essaouira Golf Course, the Raid Perle d'Eau offers you numerous services and luxurys rooms for uoyr stay in Morocco.  


The Perle d’Eau Riad Essaouira offers a golfing break with a plus: authenticity and friendliness.

The Perle d’Eau Riad Essaouira in partnership with the Mogador Essaouira Golf club offers many golfing breaks in Essaouira.

Essaouira Mogador, a place where Golf is King

Essaouira Mogador is an incredible site which opened in 2011 and which is situated at a few kilometres from the town centre of Essaouira.
Established beside the sea and covering more than 500 hectares, Mogador station offers numerous high quality services in idyllic surroundings where earth, sea and nature mingle.
The heart of the station is a magnificent golf course which is already a true reference in the golf world.

Essaouira Mogador: a golf course designed by Gary Player

With its two rounds of 18 holes, the second of which will see its course fully opened at the end of 2012,  Mogador Essaouira Golf Course aims at becoming a first rate destination for golf.
Designed by Gary Player, Mogador Golf Course fits in perfectly with the dunes and the forest so that professional or amateur players will experience unique sensations of absolute freedom in a quite unique sports complex.

Essaouira Mogador golfing breaks combining authenticity with a unique experience

The Perle d’Eau Riad offers to combine the authenticity of a stay at the heart of the medina with the unique experience to play a round of golf at Mogador Essaouira Golf Course.
Situated only a few minutes away from Mogador Essaouira Golf Course, at the heart of the medina and overlooking the ramparts protecting it from the sea, the luxury Perle d’Eau Riad Essaouira offers its rooms and suites to people fond of unique sensations.
In luxurious and comfortable surroundings, come and enjoy the welcome and the expertise of the men and women of the Perle d’Eau Riad who will do their utmost in time and energy to organize your rounds at the Mogador Essaouira Golf Course on one or the other courses and in the most peaceful way.

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